Featured Burlesque Acts

Whimsical and cheeky, Diva Disastar entices and entertains audiences with her sultry smile and burly buffoonery. With a penchant for bawdy humor and bad-to-the-bone bumps and grinds, this dynamic “Original Dame of Burlesque” is a lady of many debaucherous disguises!

With 18 years experience in teasing audiences across the country, this dynamic and hilarious burlesque artiste specialises in theatrically driven performances, as well as being fully capable of dazzling her audiences with classic burlesque technique from behind ruffled feathers and decadent fabrics.

The Red

You’ll be seeing red with this alternative burlesque act featuring a glamorous red glitter mesh robe, feather headdress and a very seductive red wax pour to end off a captivating exploration of slightly kinky burlesque. 

The Red
Diva Disastar in The Red

Midnight Fan Affair

One of the longest running solo acts from this illustrious Diva. Launched in 2010, The Midnight Fan Affair is a cheeky traditional burlesque feather fan act featuring lavish layers of royal blue tafetta and black lace. Giant Feather Fans are skillfully employed to tease audiences as layer upon layer of costume is removed, and the bonus is you get to decide how many layers come off! 

Midnight Fan Affair
Midnightfanaffair vaudeville

After Dark

An over-the-top red and black classic burlesque act, with giant boa fans and opulent feather costume. This performance pays homage to the golden age of burlesque, and provides a journey of luxury and refinement we came to expect from that era. While this act may be 8 minutes long, we guarantee you’ll be sitting at the edge of your seat and drooling by the end of it.

After Dark Signature Act by Diva Disastar
After Dark by Diva Disastar at Cafe Roux

Diva Antoinette’s Koekies & Cream

Comedy burlesque at it’s most sexy. It’s all tantrums and cupcakes for this opulent diva as she struts (and eats!) her way around the stage. This act is great for birthday parties or Bastille day celebrations, with it’s deliciously messy surprise ending!

Diva Antoinette Koekies & Creme Miss Hepburn
DD Koekies & creme
Koekies and Creme shot by by Verdine Daniels

The Magician’s ASSistant

A disastrous attempt at making magic happen on stage in a theatrical tribute to performance art and comedy burlesque. Can Diva make your inhibitions disappear? Will this be a complete disastar? Find out for yourselves as you gasp in awe at the steampunk inspired costume this act includes.

Magicians Assistant gone wrong
DIva DIsastar Magicians Assistant
Magicians Assitant Disasterous Diva (1)


Diva’s alter-ego, Prof DD BOOBS, comes out to play in a hilarious tribute to tatas for this traditional comedy burlesque number.  A well-travelled and tried-’n-tested feature solo, BOOBS101 is the perfect TiTorial to open any show!

BOOBSS101 in 2014
Copy of DSC_1611

We’ll Have Nun of That

A wanton & naughty neo-burlesque nun with hot, dripping wax & real flaming fire tassel twirling (or LED on demand). Let things heat up with the dark side of Diva Disastar in this devious performance.



A horrorlesque performance with 8-legged ostrich boa fans, Rhinestones costume, and oodles of dangerously toxic moves to mesmerise audiences with both drama and dance.

Diva Disastar in ArachnaTease